Historic Irvington Walking Tour

A Highly Visible Example of Urban Revitalization
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Irvington started out as a streetcar suburb in the 1890s and by the 1920s had become one of the most prestigious residential neighborhoods in Portland. The Irvington National Register District includes over 2500 houses, most of them are considered contributing to the historic character of the district.

On this tour we will see only a rather small portion of the neighborhood, but included in the tour are some of the finest examples of Colonial Revival and high style Arts and Crafts residences in the city.

Like many of the older neighborhoods in Portland, Irvington has seen periods of prosperity and decline. On this tour we’ll see how historic preservation and pride of ownership have combined in this neighborhood to create a highly visible example of urban revitalization in Portland.

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Peet’s Coffee & Tea
1441 NE Broadway St
Portland, OR 97232

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Approx. 2 1/2 hours

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$15.  Cash or check accepted at the start of the tour, or you may pay online.

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Easy – This easy urban tour covers less than two miles on level city streets.

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Dress for the weather!

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Tour Location
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